The Father's Heart (with Phil Holsinger, President/CEO)

Phil Holsinger, President/CEO

PhilPhil Holsinger, President and CEO of Blue Ridge Women’s Center, has spent the last 20 years in leadership roles with pregnancy care ministries. Initially a full-time Development Director, he later became Executive Director of a regional organization that served nearly 100 pregnancy centers throughout Michigan and the Midwest. He founded Family Care Network, a leadership and resource development organization that equipped hundreds of board members, directors, staff, and volunteers. As CEO of Blue Ridge Women’s Center, he also facilitates the Virginia Directors Coalition of 37 pregnancy help and medical centers.

Phil is frequently requested to speak at pregnancy center fundraising events, conferences, and churches. His unique testimony of a redeemed past has been an encouragement and motivation for many. Phil is also a former Christian broadcaster and pastor.

To read more of his writing, take a look at the Blue Ridge Women’s Center blog or follow him on Twitter as @CoachesTip. You can reach Phil at [email protected] or 540 362 3007.

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